Coaching Philosophy is a personal statement that is based on the values and beliefs that direct one’s coaching. (Kidman & Hanrahan 1997:32). It is very important for a coach to have a positive coaching philosophy as this is what the coach will implement in the heart and mind of his players.

Talking about our coaching Philosophy, we want to create in our players the passion for the game. For us winning and losing is not important, what is important is enjoying the game and learning from each and every game. We will train them to be TASK oriented rather than EGO oriented. We want our players not only to be good in football but also good humans, working on the holistic development of players and giving them values that will be embedded in them throughout their life. We will help them to build a good character and a never say die spirit in life.

The following values will be emphasised: passion; team work; commitment; honesty and integrity; respect; creativity.